Absolutely Wear White After Labor Day

"Don't wear white pants after labor day". We've all heard it, and frankly, it's the most outdated rule in the fashion book. White is a year-round neutral that should be embraced during all seasons. As we begin unveiling our new Fall Collection, we want to show you guys how to take staple pieces from your Summer Wardrobes and incorporate them into Fall!
This week, we're showing you how to take a summer classic, white denim shorts, and move them on into your fall wardrobe. These looks will work with any denim you may have, not just white!
For the first look, we paired our shorts with a ruffly tank top, denim button down and a beanie. I can't tell you how versatile a denim shirt is for fall. The possibilities are really endless. 
Next, we threw on an oversized knit sweater. A "boyfriend sweater" is an absolute fall must have item and it is not only the most comfortable thing you'll ever wear, but it looks effortlessly chic as well.
Finally, we're showing you how to take another summer staple piece, the crop top, and move it on into Fall. Weather permitting, the crop top can just as easily be worn in the Fall as it is Summer. Here we are wearing our vegan leather crop top underneath an oversized blush overlay. 
Stay tuned as we will have all of these items up on our site and available for purchase buy the end of this month! We'll continue to provide tips on how to take Summer pieces and reinvent them for Fall, so don't go packing up your Summer wardrobe just yet :)
Thanks for reading & God Bless America on this very significant day.
McCall Dulkys
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