Saule is Born

Saule is Born
Why is it that that little voice in your head is always trying to tell you your dreams aren't achievable? That there's no way it can happen, there's way too much work involved and that you just need to give up. This year marked my second year living overseas with my husband while he plays professional basketball. Although I feel our jobs don't define us and that someone certainly doesn't need to be employed to have a purpose, I began feeling like I needed something to call my own. Many ideas started going through my head, but that inevitable voice kept silencing them. Finally this Spring I made a commitment and took the daunting step to becoming a small business owner.

Fashion has always been a part of my life and my love of clothes began at a very early age (true story: my mom swears one of my first words was "mall"). My mother was always my style icon growing up and shopping and reading fashion magazines were two of our most favorite activities to partake in together.

Since moving to Europe I have become obsessed with the attitude European women have toward fashion. So often in the US we let barriers define how we dress. Some of these barriers include not having enough money to buy new things, feeling like we can't pull certain looks off, and letting society dictate what size we need to be to wear certain fashion trends. In Europe, at least of what I've seen, this is certainly not the case. These women shop in second hand stores if they can't afford new items, they take risks and dress to their own satisfaction and they don't even consider how their fashion choices will be perceived by others.

When I dreamt of Saule, I envisioned an online boutique filled with several different styles that couldn't be thrown into one category. I want my customers to take more risks and to feel like they can wear absolutely anything they like, to silence the voice that may tell them otherwise.

I feel so lucky for the dozens of people who have helped make this a reality. My husband has been there for me through it all and his constant support & encouragement have kept me going. My mom, brother, countless family members and even strangers turned friends, have helped me in this project and I truly can't be more appreciative.

I truly hope you love shopping here and can feel the hours of love and dedication that have been spent getting Saule off the ground. Thank you so much for your support.

With Sincere Love & Gratitude,

McCall Dulkys
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