Coachella Fashion 2015

Coachella is always a runway for celebrities to show off their favorite boho looks and this year was no exception! We're taking a look at our favorite looks from Coachella this year and showing you how to town them down a bit for everyday wear!

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio wooed in a white dress, brown floppy hat and suede thigh-highs. This look is so easy to recreate for everyday wear. Try pairing our Sol Romper with our Lacie Wool Hat, and accessorize with your favorite brown boots! (Oh, and did I mention you can get this whole look for under $60!)

All eyes have been on Kendall Jenner lately, as she's becoming a huge face in the fashion world. We loved her boho look for Coachella this year and by removing a few accessories, you can totally make this look appropriate for your weekend plans. Our Aja Crop shows just the right amount of skin while the Stevi Midi Skirt will be slightly less revealing than Kendall's. Accessorize with our Zaide Western Belt, Flower Crown Leighton Headband a pair of low booties! 

Model Jourdann Dunn looked gorgeous rocking our favorite color combo, black on black! The supermodel wore fringe shorts with a simple black crop top, black wool hat & silver tribal necklace. You don't have to be heading to a Music Festival to pull of this look. Try pairing our Ombred Fringe Bowie Shorts with our Destin Crop and accessorizing with our tribal Coin Necklace & Fern Feathered Hat

You don't need to be a celebrity to rock these Coachella 2015 looks. Why not give this boho style a try!


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From Runway to Everyday: Studded Belts

We've seen a huge trend on the Red Carpet lately as Hollywood's leading ladies have been accessorizing their feminine cocktail dresses with rock and roll studded belts. Personally, I'm a huge fan of this trend and love how the two contrasting styles balance each other out. Even better, this trend is so easy to duplicate in everyday life. Try glamming up your usual cocktail dress with a funky studded belt. 

Model Chanel Iman paired her Sally LaPointe high-low white dress with a silver studded belt at a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Event. We can easily tone down this look to make it more realistic to wear to an everyday event.


Our Tiegan Dress  is a great dupe for Chanel's Sally LaPointe pick! The hi-low hem adds a little bit of spunk but the classy silhouette is extremely flattering and elegant. Pair it with our Rebel Belt to finish off Chanel's Red Carpet look. 

Kim Kardashian accessorized her strapless Lanvin Dress with a bold spikey black belt for this year's Met Gala. Can't afford this designer price tag? Achieve a similar result with our Alessandra Dress!


With the tulip hemline and sweetheart neck, this dress is a great dupe for Kim's Lanvin! Again, our Rebel Belt adds the perfect pop of Rock & Roll and you're ready to go!

So often Red Carpet trends are difficult to achieve for us non-celebs but this one is completely doable! Next time you find yourself looking to edge up your outfit, throw on a spiked belt for a little added drama!



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How to Rock It: The Staple White Blouse

There may be no greater staple item in your wardrobe than the perfect white blouse! I make sure mine is easily accessible in my closet, as I'm constantly grabbing it as my go-to top to pair with a number of different bottoms. The key to mastering the "white blouse" lies in these simple factors:

  1. It must be Wrinkle-Free: buy an easy hand-held steamer and get those wrinkles out in a jiffy!
  2. Keep the look fresh by replacing your go-to white blouse every few seasons. As much as you may have history with your white blouse from two years ago, theres no way it looks as crisp and polished as when you first purchased it.
  3. Fit matters! Your blouse should fit nice and snug without looking like you're going to pop a button. You should be able to move freely and easily but not look like you're drowning in material.
  4. Know what to pair it with! The possibilities are endless! An a-line skirt, a pair of skinnies, black leather pants, shorts.. you really can't go wrong on this one!

Now some styling inspiration on our favorite staple item:

Victoria Beckham looking amazing in skinny black tuxedo pants

 As you can see, there are so many ways to style this fashion must have. 

Shop the Look here!

With a hi-low hemline, our "Essi Blouse" is the perfect choice for your Summer Staple Blouse! Tuck it in in the front and leave it untucked in the back for a classy and effortless look!

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From Runway to Everyday: GINGHAM!

Gingham is the print of 2015! What started in Oz, we're now seeing in the Spring 2015 collections of some of the most influential fashion designers, such as Michael Kors & Oscar de la Renta. Much like the plaid we've gotten used to this fall, gingham can give any outfit a classic, stylish touch. Here is how to incorporate this runway trend into every day wear much better than Dorothy did!


For an effortlessly chic way to take on this trend for Fall, shop our Gingham Jogger:

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From Red Carpet to Everyday

Does anyone else suffer from Red Carpet Envy? I love watching the designer looks at Red Carpet events and always find myself wishing I had somewhere to get dressed up and go to! After the realization that I am not a celebrity and probably won't have any need for a ball gown any time soon, I've started incorporating Red Carpet Fashion into my every day looks. If I see a dress that I love, I often look for less formal versions of it. 

This Grecian Marchesa gown that Olivia Wilde wore really stuck out to me. I love the off the shoulder embellished hemline and flowy sleeves. Luckily I was able to find a similar dress to sell at Saule with a much more casual feel. Our "Ari Dress" features the same gorgeous embellished neckline and sleeves as the Marchesa gown, but can be worn at a much more casual occasion. Thanksgiving and the Holiday season is coming up right around the corner and this would make the PERFECT holiday dress!

Have a red carpet look that you'd love to see converted into everyday wear? Send us a picture and let us know!

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The Boho Western Belt

There's a new accessory in town and it's making an appearance all over Hollywood. Minimalistic belts are no longer as big & bold belts are the new look. We love the boho western design of these gorgeous belts we've seen around. They are such an easy way to dress up your look and can be worn so many different ways. We love them over a maxi dress, with jeans and a flowy blouse, or gone total western with flannel! 


Shop our collection of "Boho Western Belts" Below! 

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Trend Alert: I Like Big Hats & I Cannot Lie

Wide brim hats are no longer a thing of the summer. Nothing says Fall these days like a big brimmed wool hat! Hats are such an easy way to take your outfit from drab to fab. Here's a look at some of our favorite celebs and how they transformed their looks with the addition of a Fall statement hat!

You don't have to be a celebrity to pull of this look. We have some fabulous fall hats for a fraction of the price of other designers. Check them out, this is a fashion risk that definitely pays off!


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Bold Blazers

An item doesn't have to be a neutral to be considered a "staple piece". Sometimes, you just need to make a bold statement and what better way to do that than with a fabulous colored blazer? Hot Pink Blazers are a HUGE trend in fashion right now and can be worn so many different ways. Our favorite way to rock it? Paired with a simple jean and v-neck or jazzed up with a slim pencil skirt & crop for a night out. Fall doesn't require you to put away colors! Blazers can be worn year round, and this one is no different! You can't go wrong with this fabulous piece.

 Designers everywhere are coming up with their version of this bold blazer but there's no sense of spending a fortune on such a bold piece! Here we've compared our Avery Hot Pink Blazer with some other hot pink blazers that we've seen around Hollywood. Ours is just as glamorous for a fraction of the cost!



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Absolutely Wear White After Labor Day

"Don't wear white pants after labor day". We've all heard it, and frankly, it's the most outdated rule in the fashion book. White is a year-round neutral that should be embraced during all seasons. As we begin unveiling our new Fall Collection, we want to show you guys how to take staple pieces from your Summer Wardrobes and incorporate them into Fall!
This week, we're showing you how to take a summer classic, white denim shorts, and move them on into your fall wardrobe. These looks will work with any denim you may have, not just white!
For the first look, we paired our shorts with a ruffly tank top, denim button down and a beanie. I can't tell you how versatile a denim shirt is for fall. The possibilities are really endless. 
Next, we threw on an oversized knit sweater. A "boyfriend sweater" is an absolute fall must have item and it is not only the most comfortable thing you'll ever wear, but it looks effortlessly chic as well.
Finally, we're showing you how to take another summer staple piece, the crop top, and move it on into Fall. Weather permitting, the crop top can just as easily be worn in the Fall as it is Summer. Here we are wearing our vegan leather crop top underneath an oversized blush overlay. 
Stay tuned as we will have all of these items up on our site and available for purchase buy the end of this month! We'll continue to provide tips on how to take Summer pieces and reinvent them for Fall, so don't go packing up your Summer wardrobe just yet :)
Thanks for reading & God Bless America on this very significant day.
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The Look for Less: Chain Reaction

Oversized chain necklaces are a huge trend right now that we've absolutely fallen in love with. They are a fun way to spice up any outfit. These Diana Broussard chain necklaces are beautiful, but a real heartbreaker at $275 a piece!



We're giving you this designer look for less with our playful versions of this trend for only $22!!

 See a designer trend you absolutely love but can't afford? Keep searching! There is always a more affordable option to achieve the same, fabulous look! We love providing our customers with high fashion items that cost a fraction of what designers charge. Go on and add one of these amazing chain necklaces to your wardrobe!


Happy Shopping!

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Comfy is the New Black

There is no better feeling than finding something that is both fabulous and comfy at the same time. Lets be honest, no matter how gorgeous an article of clothing may be, if it isn't comfortable, we end up hating our lives after having it on all day. When I'm shopping, I'm always looking for things that are super comfortable, without necessarily looking like it.

 We absolutely love the jogger trend that's happening right now. Patterned joggers and palazzo pants are such a fun way to dress comfy while still looking chic. These are perfect for traveling, wearing to the office, and even for a night out when paired with a dressier top. Here are some of our favorites. We are kind of obsessed...


Joplin Pant  

These pants are SO versatile and can be transformed for so many occasions. Pair them with a fun crop top, denim shirt, or even a solid tank for three completely different looks. 



Wishing you Happy (& Comfortable) Shopping <3


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Saule is Born

Saule is Born
Why is it that that little voice in your head is always trying to tell you your dreams aren't achievable? That there's no way it can happen, there's way too much work involved and that you just need to give up. This year marked my second year living overseas with my husband while he plays professional basketball. Although I feel our jobs don't define us and that someone certainly doesn't need to be employed to have a purpose, I began feeling like I needed something to call my own. Many ideas started going through my head, but that inevitable voice kept silencing them. Finally this Spring I made a commitment and took the daunting step to becoming a small business owner.

Fashion has always been a part of my life and my love of clothes began at a very early age (true story: my mom swears one of my first words was "mall"). My mother was always my style icon growing up and shopping and reading fashion magazines were two of our most favorite activities to partake in together.

Since moving to Europe I have become obsessed with the attitude European women have toward fashion. So often in the US we let barriers define how we dress. Some of these barriers include not having enough money to buy new things, feeling like we can't pull certain looks off, and letting society dictate what size we need to be to wear certain fashion trends. In Europe, at least of what I've seen, this is certainly not the case. These women shop in second hand stores if they can't afford new items, they take risks and dress to their own satisfaction and they don't even consider how their fashion choices will be perceived by others.

When I dreamt of Saule, I envisioned an online boutique filled with several different styles that couldn't be thrown into one category. I want my customers to take more risks and to feel like they can wear absolutely anything they like, to silence the voice that may tell them otherwise.

I feel so lucky for the dozens of people who have helped make this a reality. My husband has been there for me through it all and his constant support & encouragement have kept me going. My mom, brother, countless family members and even strangers turned friends, have helped me in this project and I truly can't be more appreciative.

I truly hope you love shopping here and can feel the hours of love and dedication that have been spent getting Saule off the ground. Thank you so much for your support.

With Sincere Love & Gratitude,

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